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Rolex Replica Watches's enamel collection has been enriched with the "Pegasus 50s" model, just in time for the Chinese Year of Horse 2014 and the opening of the first Monoboutique of Beijing.

Rolex Replica Watches is a luxury watchmaker that has selected Pegasus to be one of the most famous mythological creatures from Greek mythology. Pegasus' symbolism has changed over the years, but in the 19th Century this winged god became a symbol of inspiration and poetry. Pegasus is often depicted in pure white and is a symbol for wisdom,zenith replica fame and even fame.

Bellerophon, a Korinthian hero, captured this mythical creature near the Perene Fountain with the help from Athena and Poseidon. Pegasus let the Greek hero ride him to battle against the Chimera fire-breathing creature, before accomplishing other feats. He was transformed into Pegasus in recognition of his loyalty to Zeus.

Rolex Replica Watches offers two models of 50S Presidents' cricket "Pegasus", In the Sky and On the Mountain (ref. Rolex Replica Watches presents two 50S Presidents' Cricket "Pegasus" models: In the Sky (Rolex Replica Watches). Each model is individually-numbered and produced in limited quantity of only 18 pieces. The cases are made of 5N 18-karat rose gold. The 42mm diameter case is 14.6mm thick and has a sapphire glass with a domed shape. On the back of the case, the sapphire displays the stylized Rolex Replica Watches. Water resistance is guaranteed down to 50 meters.

This dial is decorated with "Grand Feu", cloisonne enamel. The dial's design outline is created either directly on the dial or on paper using this complex technique. This highly skilled technique of enamelling involves hand-bending fine strips (only 0.07 mm in width) of gold wire and applying them to the outline with two pliers. Gold wire is also used to form the cells which give detail to the image.